InstaNiche is the ONLY web based software that researches, customizes, optimizes, monetizes and builds you fully fledged unique amazon affiliate sites that rank page one on Google for huge search terms. Best Part About All This Is That You Can Be Making Money As Early As This Week!

I still see everyone panicking and going crazy over all the Google algorithm updates. People’s sites getting slapped left, right and center is the norm. Most people think this means that it’s harder than ever to rank. But here’s the thing… The truth is that right now, if you take advantage of the MASSIVE loopholes that Google has left WIDE OPEN, it’s easier to rank now than it has been in years.

My good friends Mo Miah & John Gibb have been ranking sites on page 1 for huge terms at will, for many years. And regardless of any new Google update that comes out, their sites have stuck on page one, bringing in thousands of free visitors and sales on complete autopilot.

What are the loopholes Google leaves open?

  1. Themed site structure. Google is LOVING this right now.
  2. Pump your site full of relevant, 100% unique, themed content as much as you can… Naturally targeting niche and buying intent search terms.
  3. Embed relevant Youtube videos & social signals. Google loves this stuff. If you want to rank, this is the blueprint to follow.

Only there’s a BIG problem… it takes a lot of time to set this blueprint up, and even after all the time you’ve spent, there’s no certainty that your niche sites will even rank at all. With that being said, there’s a new groundbreaking software coming to the market, which eliminates all the known issues that you would face when trying to build and rank a profitable niche affiliate site. John Gibb, Mo Miah & their business partners have created InstaNiche.

InstaNiche is a cloud based software that researches, customizes, optimizes, monetizes and builds you fully fledged profitable Amazon niche store affiliate sites. On top of all that, it ranks the sites you build on page one of Google for thousands of different buying intent keywords naturally.

The best part? It does everything for you in just 60 seconds flat…Pick a niche, select a few keywords, click a few buttons and BOOM…everything is done for you. Just sit back, relax and watch the rankings and sales come in. In fact, Mo Miah even has a demo video of him setting up a BRAND NEW SITE…and he does it all in under 60 seconds flat!

Just think – in less time than it takes you to make a cup of tea, you could have a completely new site setup, perfectly structured, and SEOed to take advantage of every Google loophole there is. All with InstaNiche.

You’ll want to jump in on this ASAP, as the “early birds” who pick  up InstaNiche in the first 24 hours get to take advantage of a  massive 62% Discount. TIP – That’s going to save you roughly $100. You’re going to want to be in on this, since this is going to turn the SEO world on its ear.


InstaNiche Does Everything For Your Customers In Just 5 Simple Steps:

  • Step 1 – Research. You simply select from their proven list of hot niches available (250+ different niches), without having to waste time doing any research yourself.
  • Step 2 – Pick Keywords. InstaNiche presents you with the most relevant, buyer related, low competition keywords. Once you select your main keyword, it will optimise the site around that main keyword, keeping the site natural and google friendly.
  • Step 3 – Add Content. InstaNiche then automatically adds 100% unique relevant content to your sites based off the keyword you selected, without you ever having to write content from scratch. The content is not spun, it has been written by in-house professional English team from scratch. When the content has been used up, it automatically removes that from the queue and new ones are constantly being added. So this way no-one will have the same content or have duplicate content issues.
  • Step 4 – Add Products. With just a few clicks, InstaNiche fills up your amazon stores with the hottest, most profitable, best selling products that are proven to sell.
  • Step 5 – Build Site. With just one click, it will compile everything for you, host and build you unique quality amazon affiliate sites that are google friendly and monetised to drive sales. InstaNiche host the sites for you, so there’s no monthly fees involved. There’s no need for them to set up wordpress or change name servers on your domains, InstaNiche takes care of all that for them.

This is the all in one solution to the most common problems people face online and InstaNiche has the angle nailed down perfectly to ensure this converts through the roof.

InstaNiche is about to rock the world of making money on the internet. Why? Simple. InstaNiche will build highly profitable, fully-fledged, 100% unique, completely optimized and monetized amazon store sites in just 60 seconds flat.

Sites that are proven to rank page one on Google and bring in hoards of FREE traffic and sales on complete autopilot. Best of all, there’s nothing to install, a campaign takes only about 60 seconds to setup on InstaNiche. After that, you’re done. Making money online isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re trying to do it in the world of SEO.

Google is always changing things, and you never know if your site is going to rank. I’m sure you’ve heard all the Google horror stories on the new updates. Luckily for us, there IS an easier way to get results over and over again. They’ve taken every little weak spot that Google has (making ranking your sites insanely easy) and created a tool that will let you take advantage of Google’s latest ranking loopholes.

Here’s the deal – you simply login, pick a niche, then you setup a campaign with all the keywords you want to rank for. Then you just sit back and let InstaNiche do all the heavy lifting. It’ll create the unique content (not spun), pull the relevant Youtube videos and images, theme your site like

Google likes, add the hottest best selling amazon products on there with just one click, and then skyrocket your site to page 1 of Google for your keyword. If you’re going to make money online, there is literally no easier way to rank a money-getting site on Google than this, without having to learn anything complicated.

For the first 48 hours InstaNiche is live, you can get it at a massive 62% Discount – this is going to save you nearly $100! But you have to get it now…because the price WILL go up.

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